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Everything You Need to Know About Pitcoin™Updated a month ago


Buy Pit Vipers, earn Pitcoin™, save cash. 

What is Pitcoin™? 

Pitcoin™ is the only PV centralized turbocurrency. It results in exclusive reward points earned from making purchases, and interacting with Pit Viper. 

How many points are earned when making a purchase?

For every $1.00 spent on the Pit Viper website, you receive 10 PitCoin™. For every 100 PitCoin™ you have, you can get $1.00 off your next purchase.     

$69.00 spent = 690 Pitcoin™  

        690 Pitcoin™ earned = $6.90 off on your next purchase

*F*ck, that’s a 10% return on purchases, you nerd.* 

Other ways to Earn?

You don’t only get Pitcoin™ from purchases.  You can also earn points by activating an account on the site, signing up for text messages, having a birthday, attending Pit Viper events, and leaving a review on our site / products. 

How to Apply my Pitcoin™ to my Order? 

Applying your exclusive Pitcoin™ points is easy. 

Step 1: Log into your Pit Viper account, fill up your cart & proceed to checkout

Step 2: Under “Order Summary” apply the desired amount of Pitcoin™ 


Step 3: Click “Apply” & complete your order

It’s really that simple. Now go make your purchase and start earning. 

*Pitcoin™ cannot be applied to orders when using the ShopPay payment method. To learn more about ShopPay x Pitcoin™ click HERE*


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