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The Pit Viper Wide GuideUpdated 11 days ago


What The Fuck Is The Wide Guide?

The Original: Narrow & Wide

I Ordered The Wrong Size

I Was Gifted The Wrong Size Pit Vipers

What The Fuck Is The Wide Guide?

The Pit Viper Wide Guide - The guide to help you purchase the correct size Pit Vipers for your specific face. Printable, cutable, maybe even wearable. 

Are the Pit Vipers you want not on the Wide Guide? Go to the product page, scroll down, and find the "SIZE GUIDE" drop-down. 

What Sizes are available? 

The Original & 2000:

  • The Baby Vipes 
  • The XS  
  • The Original - Narrow
  • The 2000 [including The Elliptical & Intimidator]
  • The Original - Wide

All The Other Shit Will Fall Into One of These Two Categories:

  • Average Fit - Your helmet size is small-medium
  • Wide Fit - Your helmet size is medium-large

What's the Difference Between The Original Narrow & Wide Fit? 

There are two different sizes in The Original: Narrow and Wide

The difference between the two is 12mm [that's about 1/2 American inches] in width. There are no other differences. 

Narrow - 

   Wide -                                                    

"I ordered the wrong size. What now?" 

Hey, we all make mistakes. Here's a little song to cheer you up! 

This is what we recommend doing:

  1. Self-service yourself - check out The Ultimate Pit Viper Wide Guide to select the correct size.
  2. Start the exchange - go to the Pit Viper Return Portal and start your exchange
  3. Celebrate - You got it right this time!

Gift Returns:

 "I received a pear of Pit Vipers as a gift, but they don't fit" - you

While you didn't directly purchase your new Pit Vipers, we're still more than happy to get you an exchange pear with the best fit and feel for you. Head over to our Gift Return Portal to start your personalized return process. Fill out as much information in your initial return claim as you can speed up the process. You're welcome. 

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